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A portrait
Our philosophy
The Management
IDEMA GmbH - continual development

2015: Further development in laser technology.
          We produce diamond tools with lasered cutting edges.
          This enables new quality standards,
          especially for tools for micro-processing.
2013: Manufacturing of PKD inner reboring tools with a diameter
          measuring < 1 mm and larger processing depths.
2011: Development and production of radius profile tools in natural diamond or
          synthetic execution with a radius circularity of < 0.10 my.
2009: Development of multi-layered PKD profile tools to implement multiple
          processing steps in a clamping operation.
          PKD milling insets individually changeable in the my-area.
2006: We develop a milling tool with integrated PKD chip breaker.
          Innovative diamond technology – once more a first at IDEMA.
2004: We guarantee a balance quality of G 2.5 for our milling tools,
          with or without the adaptor
2003: HSC monoblock milling tools, 34mm cutting length, with IDEMA
          centrifugal force safeguards and HSC adaptor
2001: Introduction of the steel chip-clearance collar. A technical and visual
1998: The integrated balancing keyway. This has remained a speciality of
          IDEMA milling cutters up until today
1997: IDEMA milling cutters - from now on only with centrifugal force
          safeguards for the milling inserts
1996: Our milling cutters are assembled complete with the adaptor and
          balanced - for immediate operation. The "blue products" continue
          to conquer the market
1994: Introduction of milling tools with inner coolant system
1992: Conversion from WSP on milling inserts to better stability/heat
1988: The first IDEMA HSC face milling tools with milling bodies made of